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Do you have a favorite food?

How about a favorite thing to put on food?

Well, yes, I have both. I have many favorite foods and one thing I love to put on many of my dishes.

What is it? What do I put in rice and beans as well as chicken and other foods?


I LOVE hot sauce. There is something about a condiment that burns my mouth as well as my internal organs that just causes me |to stand up and cheer. I am not sure why I love it so much, but all I know is I do.

Many say I am crazy for eating as much of it as I do. I eat not only hot sauce, but just about anything hot and spicy. I love things like hot wings, very spicy kimchi, wasabi on my sushi, dried spicy squid out of the bag and just anything with a kick. I can go through a large bottle of hot sauce in a shot amount of time and want more J

My wife and many others think I am nuts for many of the things I eat. My wife actually says that I have a “iron stomach.”  Heh – maybe she is right!

By the way, that photo up there is one of my favorite hot sauces.

Well, what about you? Are you a man or woman who loves the spicy stuff like hot sauce or a spicy food?

Let me know what kinds of hot things you like – let’s keep it on a non-porn level, ok?

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