Standing and Walking

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Recently, we have received a new addition to my youngest daughter’s mobility devices. It’s called the Taos and it’s something I thank God for. With this new device, she’s able to freely walk or stand and do things like color, “wash dishes” and go outside and walk.

Walk. Let me write that again – walk!

It’s amazing to see how much she loves her new-found freedom and how the Taos helps her become independent.

For parents of special needs children who require additional help with mobility and/or standing, I would check this out and see if it’s right for your child. Most private insurance and state medicad programs do cover this device as well. For more information, check out the website here:

Just to see how the Taos works and gives children independence, here is a video of children walking with the Taos.

Disclaimer: I haven’t received any compensation for recommending this product. My child uses it and I want to spread the word on this wonderful product.

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